Water Supply and Sewerage

In addition to ensuring the safety of residents through improvements in hard infrastructure, including maintenance and replacement of water supply and sewerage facilities, earthquake-proofing of facilities to be prepared for large-scale earthquakes, and planning of measures against flooding using an advanced flood analysis simulation, we provide soft infrastructure, including the creation of inland water hazard maps and business continuity plans (BCPs), which supplements the hard infrastructure, to help improve disaster preparedness in the entire urban area.

We prepare stock management plans and sewerage works implementation plans, which are our new endeavors based on the Sewerage Act (amended in 2015), and we contribute to sustainable operations of sewerage works through strategic planning for maintenance and replacement.

Rivers & Sediment Control, Agricultural Civil Engineering, and Alternative Energy Sources

We work to build a society where existing infrastructure can be utilized effectively and efficiently, through earthquake-proofing and lifespan extension of infrastructure facilities that perform flood control and water resource management for rivers and other watercourses, in order to conserve the entire areas of watersheds, thus contributing to the safety and security of the region.

Furthermore, for the purpose of preserving the benefit that can be derived from the watersheds, we provide a wide range of services related to renewable energy sources, from feasibility studies to planning and design, toward the creation of a low-carbon society.