Surveying is the starting point of, and an extremely important process for, each construction project, where positional information about the land is accurately measured and determined to create spatial data. In recent years, the progress of surveying technology involving the use of satellite positioning systems has enabled quick and accurate data collection, and prompt provision of results. At NiX, we also work to improve the efficiency of operations, from control point survey to site survey, utilizing GNSS surveying equipment, TS, mobile mapping systems, and other devices.

In addition, in order to respond to the diverse requests from the orderers and to provide high-quality results, we strive to improve our engineers' expertise, and acquire related information (e.g. about technological innovation in peripheral equipment for surveying), as well as to actively introduce, utilize, and apply new technologies and equipment.


Land is required for any project to be implemented, and relevant rights, such as ownership, need to be acquired.

The process of land acquisition can cause some people a great deal of trouble, such as occupants being asked to move out. In order to alleviate the trouble, it is necessary to justly compensate rights-holders, so that they can resettle and restart their lives as soon as possible.

NiX, as a third party independent of both the promoters of works and these rights-holders, conducts fair and equitable surveys and estimates, to contribute to the improvement of social infrastructure.


Information on social infrastructure facilities has conventionally been managed on paper.

Digitizing this information (compiling a database) using a geographical space system to properly manage the facility ledgers and other documents, and utilizing it as the basic data for inspection operations and formulation of renovation plans, will enable this information to readily provide assistance in formulating future maintenance management plans. This will also enable quick responses to inquiries from residents, and help improve the efficiency of daily operations.

Using the latest information technology, we propose flexible, customizable systems produced in-house.