President's Message

"Creativity for Public Investment" - though it may sound somewhat out of the ordinary, this is NiX's corporate philosophy, and I believe that it represents the reason for our existence. Any company, anywhere in the world, can continue existing and develop through contributing to society and being rewarded in return. At NiX, we make our contribution to society by offering technology services for social infrastructure, or public investment, that lead to the development of Japan's society and economy. Pouring our creativity into public investment is our universal role.

The market of social capital development surrounding us has been changing year after year. First of all, the flexible fiscal policy of the Abe administration, the so-called "second arrow," has quieted down, and the overall volume of the market is returning to where it used to be a few years ago. Secondly, the direction of the market is also gradually changing, as witnessed in the management capabilities for the massive amount of degraded social capital stock, and for frequent catastrophes. On top of that, we have to deal with the nationwide social problem of a declining population. We are certain that construction consultancy companies like us must modify and upgrade technology services in a way that addresses these drastic changes in the social situation.

Under the circumstances mentioned above, we continue working on the three key business fields: stock management, disaster prevention/reduction, and consultancy for realizing a low-carbon society. As part of our management business, we also continue the electric power business, industry-academia cooperation, and public-private partnerships to become a company that goes beyond the existing category of construction consultancy. In particular, we will strive to accumulate better knowledge and insights in research on torrential rain prediction with Kobe University and research on bridge deterioration with Kyoto University, both of which will get fully underway in this fiscal year. Adding the Tokyo region to our business area, we would like to respond to the great needs in infrastructure development and measures against structural deterioration.

A recovery of the Japanese economy is desired in the midst of a declining population. We will try our best in order to take a role in making a strong leap forward in the regional economies that support this recovery, and offer better services to our customers.

We are grateful for your continued support in creating a new future, together.

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