In order to build a strong, flexible country, efforts are required toward national resilience, as well as disaster prevention and mitigation.

Taking a multi-faceted perspective focused on people, landscapes, the environment, and disaster prevention, we work to construct, improve, and maintain social infrastructure, which supports the livelihood of the region, and helps to provide safe, secure, comfortable living spaces for the users.

Maintenance and Conservation

In order to deal with the increasing maintenance costs arising from the aging of infrastructure facilities, it is necessary to change the mode of maintenance to a preventive type, where the facilities undergo inspections for quantitative understanding of damage and deterioration, to be repaired or reinforced as appropriate, depending on the state of degradation.

By handling the entire process of infrastructure maintenance and replacement, including inspection, diagnosis, evaluation, planning, design, and repair, we contribute to appropriate, efficient, and effective management, while ensuring safety and reducing expenses.