Scenery & Landscapes

With the advent of the era of mature cities, a new type of urban development is required to meet the lifestyle needs of the people.

We continue daily efforts to make cities beautiful and comfortable, with a focus on parks, green areas, large-scale development, and other aspects, and offer plans to meet diverse needs.

Urban Planning and Regional Planning

With the decreasing population, declining birthrate, and the graying of society, as well as other aspects such as the need to cope with global warming issues or diversification of values among the people, the ways of thinking about city planning and environment creation have changed significantly. Against this background, plans are required to make communities and living spaces safe and comfortable, and to revitalize the regional and urban economy.

In order to create cities and regions beloved by many citizens and residents, we propose plans that match the situation of each region, focusing on the following subjects: urban and regional planning, transportation planning, disaster prevention planning, and environmental and renewable energy planning.